After the success of last year's competition Two Meters of Separation, Equal Lens is holding a 2021 Photography Competition. This year we asked women and non-binary people to use their creativity to enter a photograph/s that celebrates joy from a cultural perspective.


The key challenge here will be for photographers to actively seek out what is unknown to you personally, observing it with curiosity and open eyes, and finding the beauty in that chosen subject. The subject may be an object, a person, an area … whatever you so desire. The key is to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to respond to this brief in a creative way… 


Winner: Leia Ankers @leia_ankers
1st Runner-Up - Laura Pannack @laurapannack
2nd Runner-Up - Kim Black @kimmiiblack
2nd Runner-Up - Jennifer Ortiz @bitsofbeauty

Highly Commended - Naomi Wood @naomiswood
Highly Commended - Kristina Varaksina @kristinavaraksina

Leia Ankers.jpg

Winner: Leia Ankers 
Image Title: Cordelia
Image Location: Peterborough, UK

Image Story:

This portrait from my series 'The Same As You' was instigated from having a disability myself. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 3. These differences from a young age introduced me to the experience of stigma, of being the 'Other'. I wanted to change the way that people with dual sensory impairment and additional disabilities are perceived by society.
Cordelia is blind in one eye with limited sight in her other one, she is deaf and has cerebral palsy. Cordelia's independence is easiest achieved in water as she can move alone without the support of her wheelchair or carers.

Laura Pannack_1.jpg

1st Runner-Up: Laura Pannack
Image Title: Island Symmetries
Image Location: Tipton and Tasmania
Image Story: These images are from a series Island symmetries exploring the similarity in youth on opposites sides of the earth. A time of heightened emotion and transition. The intense joy we feel as a child is rarely matched in adulthood.

Laura Pannack_2.jpg
Laura Pannack_3.jpg
Kim Black.jpg

2nd Runner-Up: Kim Black
Image Title: Joy
Image Location: Glasgow
Image Story: This photo was taken after rangers won the league. I walked into this scene. The two men in the right hand side are joyous in their appearance. The man near the left makes direct eye contact with the camera as he carries his friend on his back.
This speaks of football culture the highs and the lows. Although im not a football fan myself. Just a casual observer

Jennifer Ortiz.jpg

2nd Runner-Up: Jennifer Ortiz
Image Title: The Reveler
Image Location: New Orleans, USA
Image Story:

As Flozell Daniels was about to have his

picture taken, Jennifer Jacobs climbed upon

the former platform of the Battle of Liberty

Place monument (locally known to have

been a monument to white supremacy) and

began dancing and tossing beads to the

people passing by. Due to Covid-19

precautions, Mardi Gras was cancelled for

2021, but New Orleanians like Jacobs found

safe ways to spread the joy.

Naomi Wood_1.jpg

Highly Commended: Naomi Wood
Image Title: I Wake to Listen
Image Location: 
Frome, UK

Image Story:

Lately our relationship has felt fraught. He needs my attention in new ways. My time playing with him has become so valuable to him

and he will kick and punch and scream at me when he feels a void. It’s fucking hard. So often, I strain not to shout at him, sometimes I

relent, sometimes I cry too. But there are times when I remember to play, change the tone, let the walls fall down and that’s when he

finds comfort in me again. I love those moments the most - knowing I can soothe him fills my heart. I have to dig so deep to reach that

well of joy, when I get there it quenches us both.

Naomi Wood_2.jpg
Naomi Wood_3.jpg
Kristina Varaksina.jpg

Highly Commended: Kristina Varaksina
Image Location: London, UK

Image Story:

Persons with albinism are one of the most marginalised groups in the world, as they are discriminated against on the grounds of both disability and colour. Joannè has had to do a lot of work to find her identity, accept and finally love herself for who she is. Marcus was born in 2021 and as a mother of black child she is ready to face more challenges.


Sachini Imbuldeniya :  Founder & Managing Director, Studio Pi 

Jason Heward : Managing Director, Leica Camera UK   

Izabela Radwanska Zhang : Editorial Director, 1854 Media 

Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham : Global Creative Director, Deliveroo

Rosie Hart :  Director, Serlin Associates

Zuki Sedgley : Creative Director, Phantom Equal Lens


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