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  • Equal Lens - Photographer Macey J. Foronda

    PHOTOGRAPHERS Macey J. Foronda Macey is an editorial and commercial photographer working in LA + NY. She was raised in the midwest by a family of traveling musical theater actors. Location: LA + NY Website: Social Media: @maceyjforonda Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer AMEENA ROJEE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS AMEENA ROJEE Ameena is a freelance photographer working in portraiture, documentary and adventure. Her mixed Spanish, Mauritian and British heritage greatly influences her practise; community and culture are the cornerstones of her work. Ameena also runs 'of the land & us', an online journal exploring our relationship with the natural world. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @ameenarojee Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer WENDY CARRIG

    PHOTOGRAPHERS WENDY CARRIG Wendy Carrig combines fashion and portraiture with nature and documentary photography. She always looks for the story, looking beyond the superficial. Her commercial work has been widely published on magazine covers and advertising hoardings, and her personal work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Photographic Society and Houses of Parliament. She was a participating artist in the 209women project. She has gained awards in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Pri Location: London UK Website: Social Media: @wendycarrigphotography Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer ALEKSANDRA KINGO

    PHOTOGRAPHERS ALEKSANDRA KINGO Aleksandra Kingo is a photographer and director who is well known for her playful, quirky style realised with use of bold colours and wit. She razor's edge between discomfort and sexiness, toying with viewer's senses of disgust and attraction and creating surreal worlds where lipstick stains are a blessing and bananas are pastel pink. Kingo works the best brands and ad agencies across Europe and the US. Her clients include Virgin Atlantic, Kenzo, Nespresso, Honda and Haagen Dazs out of AMV, Wieden & Kennedy, JWT, Mullen Lowe and DDB Paris. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @aleksandrakingo Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer YAN WANG PRESTON

    PHOTOGRAPHERS YAN WANG PRESTON Yan Wang Preston is a British Chinese photographer specialised in delivering ambitious projects that are challenging physically, emotionally and logistically. For her Mother River (2010-2014) project, she photographed the entire 6,211km Yangtze River in China at precise 100km intervals with a large format film camera. Location: Yorkshire, UK Website: Social Media: @yanwangpreston Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer POLLY BRADEN

    PHOTOGRAPHERS POLLY BRADEN Polly Braden is a documentary photographer whose work features an ongoing conversation between the people she photographs and the environment in which they find themselves. Highlighting the small, often unconscious gestures of her subjects, Polly particularly enjoys long-term, in depth collaborations that in turn lends her photographs a unique, quiet intimacy. Polly has produced a large body of work that includes not only solo exhibitions and magazine features, but most recently four books: Adventures in the Lea Valley (Hoxton Mini Press, 2016), Great Interactions: Life with Learning Disabilities and Autism (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2016) Out of the Shadows: The Untold Story of People with Autism or Learning Disabilities (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2018) alongside the writer Sally Williams and London’s Square Mile: A Secret City (Hoxton Mini Press, 2019) with text by historian David Kynaston. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @pollybraden Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer LAURETTA SUTER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS LAURETTA SUTER Swiss photographer Lauretta Suter has developed a recognisably clean and distinctive style. Her work is both dynamic and bright, utilising sets and lighting seamlessly. Lauretta is based between London and Zurich and works internationally for a broad variety of commercial and editorial clients. Location: London, UK / Zurich, Switzerland Website: Social Media: @lauretta_suter Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer HANNA TVEITE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS HANNA TVEITE Born and raised in Norway, Hanna Tveite is emerging as a prominent artist in the field of fashion & still life photography as well as film direction. Hanna collaborates with an array of fashion, home and beauty brands for The Line, Calvin Klein, H&M, Khaite, Frame Denim, Bvlgari, Protagonist and Hugo Boss. Her editorial work has been published in Wall Street Journal Magazine, Teen Vogue, M Le Monde and Vogue. Location: New York, USA / London, UK Website: Social Media: @hannatveite Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer LINDA BROWNLEE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS LINDA BROWNLEE Linda Brownlee’s work, as both director and photographer, moves between the worlds of documentary, portraiture and fashion. Drawn to all sorts of communities and cultures, her work delicately explores the intricate energy of the people and places she visits. She has published three books, her work has been exhibited internationally and has featured regularly in publications such as British Vogue, The New York Times, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian and Telegraph magazines. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @lindabrownlee Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer YULIA REZNIKOV

    PHOTOGRAPHERS YULIA REZNIKOV My name is Yulia Reznikov and I'm a freelance photographer, filmmaker and art-director from Cologne, Germany with a focus on Fashion, Beauty, Still Life and Stage Photography. I studied graphic design at the Peter Berens School of Arts in Dusseldorf. During my university studies, I began to work as a photography teacher at the private academy. I also work for Pina Bausch Tanz theater Wuppertal. In the past years I have shot for fashion magazines, working with fashion brands and covering events like fashion shows, backstage etc. My Pictures were published in many Magazines like L'Officiel, SCHÖN, HUF, Kaltblut, Latest, Marie Claire, Elle Food, Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, etc. Location: Cologne, Germany Website: Social Media: Representation: Representation

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