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  • Equal Lens - Photographer BARA PRASILOVA

    PHOTOGRAPHERS BARA PRASILOVA I’m a photographer and art director from Prague. In 2014 I was the only female winner of the Hasselblad Master. Currently I am the only female photographer to be part of “Norrhassel,” a limited collection being sold in Ikea stores worldwide. My goal is to cultivate beauty and feminism along with humour and a sense of lightness in visual arts. Location: Prague, Czech Republic Website: Social Media: @bara_prasilova Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer ESTER KEATE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS ESTER KEATE Ester Keate is half Swedish and half English, she was raised in a family where both parents were photographers. Her father, a British artistic reproduction photographer, and her mother, a Swedish portrait photographer. As a consequence, she grew up in the midst of bustling creativity. As soon as Ester was old enough to carry a tripod around, she was eagerly assisting them both in their work to the best of her ability. Having used photography as a means to express herself from an early age, Ester admits that it was quite inevitable that she too became a photographer. With a BA in Photographic Art, Ester's work is imbued by her personal style and love of colour and graphic shapes. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @esterkeate Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer FRIEKE JANSSENS

    PHOTOGRAPHERS FRIEKE JANSSENS In the past two decades, Frieke Janssens has built a solid reputation in staged photography. Her work is characterized by a precise staging, along with an impeccable command of the technique and a perfect finish. Janssens’ visual language is both surprising, playful and reveals a great sense of humor. Her patient devotion results in narrative scenes that often evince a tension. Many communication and advertising agencies call upon her refreshing, original ideas for the production of covers, posters and adverts. Aside from her commissioned work, her personal oeuvre has also gained worldwide interest. Text by Sofie Crabbé. Location: Brussels, Belgium Website: Social Media: @friekejanssens_photography Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer PHOEBE SOMERFIELD

    PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOEBE SOMERFIELD While Phoebe Somerfield art practice is a meditation of femininity and landscape, domestic settings and still life weave through much of Phoebe's work. Phoebe grew up in South West Devon and is currently finishing a degree in Photography at UAL: London College of Communication while living and working in London. Location: London,UK Website: Social Media: @phoebesomerfield Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer EJATU SHAW

    PHOTOGRAPHERS EJATU SHAW I have been taking photos since I got my first camera phone. Craftsmanship is of great importance to me. I dedicate a lot of my free time to honing in on my craft, carrying out thorough research prior to the creation of a project using journals, films, books, and sketches to inform my creativity. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @ejatushaw Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer PATRICIA NIVEN

    PHOTOGRAPHERS PATRICIA NIVEN Australian born photographer Patricia Niven has been London based since 1997 and likes it too much to leave. A specialist in food and portraiture, Patricia is best known for her exquisite use of light and her intuitive ability to find the personality in what she shoots, making everything good enough to eat! Bringing warmth and openness to her collaborations, Patricia consistently produces elegant, joyful and award winning work. Accolades include Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards, Pink Lady Food Photography Awards, and The Sunday Times Book of the Year. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @patricianiven Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer MIRIAM MARLENE WALDNER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS MIRIAM MARLENE WALDNER Miriam is a Berlin born photographer who’s bewitching photography invites you into an enigmatic world that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Her magical pictures shimmer with a soft hazy nostalgic glamour and the stories she explores are less guided by real experience but more by her boundless imagination. Beguiling myths interweave with distorted fairytales and curious dreams to evoke a hauntingly cinematic aesthetic, beautifully cloaked with a sense of intimacy, sisterhood, unspoken bonds, mystery and ritual. Location: Berlin, Germany Website: Social Media: @miriam_marlene Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer KATIE BURDON

    PHOTOGRAPHERS KATIE BURDON Katie Burdon is a photographer currently based in London, hailing from Cornwall. Interested in exploring the human body in relation to the natural form, a strong focus on the female gaze is maintained throughout her work. Through a juxtaposition of colour and storytelling with surreal undertones, she aims to bring curiosity and observance to her vision. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @katieburdon Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer KIRSTIN SCHOLTZ

    PHOTOGRAPHERS KIRSTIN SCHOLTZ I started my career travelling the world as the Senior Photographer for the World Surf League where I spent 11 years photographing the world's best surfers in the world's best waves. I have since turned my lens to conservation and wilderness areas and I am particularly passionate about photographing adventure lifestyle and wildlife. Location: Victoria, Australia Website: Social Media: @kirstinscholtz Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer MEGAN MILLER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS MEGAN MILLER Megan Miller is a photographer based in Los Angeles specialising in creating images of people, progression and innovation. She focuses on narratives in culture, sports and technology, seeking out stories of the people and brands that move us forward. She’s worked on projects for publications such as The New York Times and NPR, done work for brands including WeTransfer, Hyundai and Disney, and non-profits, such as the NWRI and the Trevor Project. Location: Los Angeles, USA Website: Social Media: @meganmiller013 Representation: Representation

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