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  • Equal Lens - Photographer LOUISE HAGGER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS LOUISE HAGGER Louise Hagger is an award winning London based photographer. Her work with innovative creatives in the food and drink industry has been published by brands and editorials around the world. Louise has a creative and colourful approach to food and drink imagery, working collaboratively to bring projects to life, from inception to the beautiful finished image. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @louisehagger Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer SOFI

    PHOTOGRAPHERS SOFI Sofi is a fashion and music photographer. What makes Sofi's work unique is the relationships she builds with her subjects. She breaks down the boundaries between photographer and model to create a fun and comfortable environment for her subjects to express themselves. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @sofiadamsphoto Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer TINA HILLIER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS TINA HILLIER Elegant, engaging and effortlessly beautiful are words often used to describe Tina’s work. Captivated by human stories and narrative her work often focuses on people, capturing intimate moments with grace and a sense of timelessness. More recently her stylised aesthetic has attracted still life, interior and food and drink brands. Location: London, UK Website: tinahillier.comm Social Media: @misstinahillier Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer KRISTY NOBLE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS KRISTY NOBLE Kristy was raised in 14 houses over the 18 years she grew up in North Yorkshire. It may be this steady flow of homes, and way of living, that led to her curiosity to shape the everyday. Her love of photography was cemented in the Autumn of 2005 while spending six months at university in Springfield, Missouri, developing her calm, clean and focussed style while photographing with her Mamiya C330. She draws influence from American and European Modernist architecture, along with suburban imagery from the 1950’s onwards, creating surreal and playful imagery hinged on her desire to form intrigue, through line, form and arrangement. In June 2019 her work was described by Elle Decoration as: “Never has something so complex looked so effortlessly and enticingly simple”. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @kristy_noble Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer REBECCA CARPENTER

    PHOTOGRAPHERS REBECCA CARPENTER Rebecca is a fashion, lifestyle, Youtuber and photographer. She is known for her cheery, bubbly disposition and empowering her subjects to feel confident and beautiful behind the lens. Rebecca loves photographing people and is influenced by cinematic movies and music videos from her childhood. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @rebeccacarpenterphotography Representation: Representation

  • Equal Lens - Photographer FRANCESCA ALLEN

    PHOTOGRAPHERS FRANCESCA ALLEN Francesca uses her camera as a tool for intimacy. Exploring the nature of intimate female friendships, her images hold a mirror to our own personal relationships with those closest to us. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @francesca_allen_ Representation:

  • Equal Lens - Photographer SCARLETT CARLOS CLARKE

    PHOTOGRAPHERS SCARLETT CARLOS CLARKE Through her instantly recognisable, aesthetically stunning and subliminally unsettling pictures British imagemaker Scarlett Carlos Clarke controls every aspect of her shoots, creating whole environments through meticulously designed sets. Her heavily colored, vibrant and eyecatching images invoke 1960s & 70s futurism, taking cues frommundane suburban lifestyle ideals and creating something otherworldly. Sometimes pushing our perceptions of ‘beauty’ into uncomfortable territory, with results that are in equal parts shocking, humorous and sincere. Location: London, UK Website: Social Media: @scarlettcarlosclarke Representation:

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