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Ever wanted to have access to the minds of successful creatives but didn’t know where to go for advice? ERIC educates young people in ways they learn best, working collaboratively with educators and you to ensure access to the best career information, all in one space.


Equal Lens are working with The ERIC App to filter out the noise so you can focus on yourself and your career, with access to the best career information, all in one space... One app for every stage of your personal and professional journey.

To kick off this collab, we're introducing a 5 part interview series - all about getting insight into the lives of REAL professionals within the creative industries, so you can find out how they did it and be inspired to keep pursuing your own journey. Whether you’re an emerging photographer, new designer, a director or just someone with an interest in creativity – this is a space for you to get inspired by knowledge that could get you hired!


Updated monthly with new content, visit our Equal Lens page on the ERIC app.

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