After the success of last year's competition Two meters of separation, Equal Lens is holding a 2021 Photography Competition. This year we are asking women and non-binary people to use their creativity to enter a photograph that celebrates joy from a cultural perspective.


The key challenge here will be for photographers to actively seek out what is unknown to them personally, observing it with curiosity and open eyes, and finding the beauty in that chosen subject. The subject may be an object, a person, an area … whatever you so desire. The key is to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to respond to this brief in a creative way… 




NAME, TITLE, British Journal of Photography

NAME, TITLE, Studio Pi

NAME, TITLE, Deliveroo

Zuki Sedgley, Creative Lead, Phantom & Equal Lens Team Member


  1. [Need to add others when confirmed]

  2. Attending and showcasing at winners’ event at Leica gallery, Duke Street, London

  3. Winners featured on our social media channels and our website

  4. One on one with industry commissioners


  1. Fill in our competition submission form below.

  2. Step2. Name the image as follows: COMPETITION_FIRSTNAME_SURNAME_TITLE

  3. Step 3. Share the image as a jpeg 1-2MB where possible.

  4. Step 4. Click the red ‘Upload’ button to upload your image.

  5. Step 5. Then hit ‘Submit’ to complete the form.

  6. Step 6. In the future we hope to hold a printed exhibition. Please ensure you shoot your image high resolution. If chosen to exhibit we will request the full resolution file closer to the exhibit date.

  7. Image Rules:

  8. This would ideally be a new creation or from your 2021 recent archive. This can be a single image or a series of up to three images. The competition has a £5 enter fee.

  9. Submission Deadline:

  10. Please submit by July 1st 5pm.

  11. Winners will be announced at the end of August 2021.

  12. Please Note:

  13. Everyone who works at Equal Lens is a volunteer with a day job in the creative industry. So please be patient with us while we review your competition submission.




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