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We’re always on the lookout for women and non-binary photographers to celebrate on our website and Instagram.

Whether your portfolio is full of commercial work, abstract pieces or portraiture, please register your interest by filling in our Submission Form below.


1.  Complete your personal details and save them, the hero image you upload here will be displayed in lists, search and social share.

2. Use the 'Portfolio Upload' section to upload additional images. Up-to 10 images/GIFs showing the range within your body of work can be uploaded, ensure you upload an image for each category you cover. These images will be displayed on your personal page and to use an appropriate image when listing yourself in category lists (i.e Your B&W hero image on the B&W photographers list).  Please share images without branding, as jpegs or gif, and 1MB maximum size per item.

Everyone who works at Equal Lens is a volunteer with a day job in the creative industry. So please be patient with us while we review your submission.

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Please upload each portfolio image/Gif, you can repeat the process for up-to 10 images/Gifs. Please specify the category of the image when uploading the hero image of each new category your work covers. (I.e. We only need the one hero image marked "portrait' when the other 9 uploads are also portrait images). Before uploading please rename your files to include your name to ensure they are bundled correctly.


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