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Catherine Hyland is a Filmmaker/Photographer based in London. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art and completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art. Her work centres around people and their connection to the land they inhabit. Primarily landscape based, her work is rooted in notions of fabricated memory, grids, enclosure and national identity. Large format images that depict humanity's attempts - some more effective than others - to tame it's environment. An observation that has led to both artistic and commercial outreach, with residences at venues such as Focal Point Gallery in Southend for the RADICAL ESSEX programme and has exhibited work at Month of Photography Los Angeles, Renaissance Photography Prize, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Photographic Society, ICA, Somerset House, Sony World Photography awards, Design Museum, London Design Festival & Photo Vogue Festival. Her first short film funded by WeTransfer, focused on a group of young Mongolian Sumo wrestlers, born into nomadic lifestyles. It looked at the direct consequences of climate change as experienced by these children. Hyland's ongoing projects highlight humanity's attempts to tame and transform nature, both past and present.


London, UK


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