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Hannah Maule-ffinch is a freelance photographer represented by Germaine Walker. Her career began in graphic design before an expedition to South America inspired her to pursue photography. She later trained as a photojournalist and having become established as an experienced and versatile photographer, she executed a wide range of commissions; her work has taken her all over the world.
Hannah later focused her work on a series of emotive and adventurous documentaries, including projects on mental health charities operating in Uganda and Sierra Leone, families working as professional garbage collectors on a rubbish dump in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most recently she has worked extenseively on comissions In Africa and the Middle East. Her eye for the powerful image has gathered attention from a series of advertising clients and she has been commissioned by a number of agencies to use her work in a variety of campaigns. Meanwhile, she has worked for a range of magazines, design companies, PR agencies and charities.




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