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Lauren Couchman (LNC Images) is a professional sports photographer specialising in rugby. Having covered a variety of sports in her time as a photographer such as football, netball, equine and sailing, Lauren has a strong skill set to produce sports photographs at a high standard. Having been raised in a sporty family Lauren’s passion for the sports is forever growing. The idea of capturing all those different moments on and off the pitch, whether they are the celebrations or the nerve-wracking moments of a final, makes Lauren love what she does. Her passion for the sport is replicated in multiple photos of hers which is why she loves what she does. Being a woman in sports photography is difficult. There is an evident lack of female sports photographers around and Lauren enjoys representing the talent and perspective a woman can bring to the field. She would love to see more females take the field and be brave enough to take a step in a male-dominated industry to make it more equal.


England, UK


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