Oscar Bellville - scarlett_carlos_clarke_jan_de_villeneuve_03_1.jpg

Scarlett Carlos Clarke


Through her instantly recognisable, aesthetically stunning and subliminally unsettling pictures British imagemaker Scarlett Carlos Clarke controls every aspect of her shoots, creating whole environments through meticulously designed sets. Her heavily colored, vibrant and eyecatching images invoke 1960s & 70s futurism, taking cues frommundane suburban lifestyle ideals and creating something otherworldly. Sometimes pushing our perceptions of ‘beauty’ into uncomfortable territory, with results that are in equal parts shocking, humorous and sincere.

Location: London, UK
Website: scarlettcarlosclarke.com
Social Media: @scarlettcarlosclarke
Representation: kintzing.com

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Oscar Bellville - scarlett_carlos_clarke_jan_de_villeneuve_03_1.jpg
Oscar Bellville - scarlett_carlos_clarke_Dazed_Body_1798.jpg
Oscar Bellville - scarlett_carlos_clarke_Dazed_Body_1909.jpg
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